Thursday, March 15, 2007

I got home a little late last night since I stopped to pick up pizza on the way home from work. It was a little after 6 and my son was home but my daughter wasn’t there. I asked Matt if he knew where Sarah was and he said “no”, that he had just gotten home form work and that she wasn’t there and he had no idea where she was. Since 6 PM is check-in time I was a little miffed. After about a half and hour I said to Matt “Give your sister a call and find out where she is” He did, then grumbled about how once again she didn’t answer her phone, and about how he would have been in trouble had he not checked in. I assured him that yes, she was in trouble, and a half an hour later tried calling her again. Still no answer. I call one her friends to see if she had any idea who Sarah was hanging out with after school. She didn’t. So I decided too cool my heels and take the dog for walk. But first I thought I'd check and see if the girl across the street happened to notice who Sarah was with after school. Zoe hadn’t ridden the bus, so she didn’t know, but volunteered to text message Sarah for me. I said “sure, just tell her she better get home “ and then Daisy and I proceeded on our walk. I was about halfway down the street and Zoe came running after me. “I found her, I found her.” “Where is she?” I ask. “She’s home in her room!”. So here I am, fretting about my daughters whereabouts, while all the while she was at home, asleep in her room. Talk about feeling like an overanxious neurotic mother. One who’s not smart enough to find her kids in her own home. Duh. I felt kind of bad so I went to the store and bought Sarah’s favorite frozen pie and baked it for her, as it was Pi Day after all. Mom demerits for me this week!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's rich, Linda. I remember once, a long time ago, I thought my son had walked away from the house when several of us were painting the outside - he must have been about three. I was frantic and raced through the house several times, looking in every room. The house isn't that big but I missed him - asleep on the couch in the den - right in friggin' front of me!