Monday, March 05, 2007

Snack time?

Look what I found at the dollar store Saturday. Edible gummy rats! Isn’t that the sort of thing that everyone is looking for? In my bizarre little world they were a big hit. In a “ha, ha” sort of way. (I work in a research lab with mice.)

What I want to know is how often have you had a little hunger pang and thought “Hmmm a chewy candy rat would really hit the spot!” My other big question is “What flavor is gray?” Are gray gummy rats tastier than white gummy rats?

A couple of people at work were brave enough to try them. Apparently the gray ones tasted a bit like grapefruit. Maybe someone will try a white one tomorrow. As appealing as the thought of ‘rat snacks’ is I personally don’t like gummy candy of any sort, so I didn’t indulge. You gotta just love the crazy things you can find at the dollar store!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If anyone would stumble across gummy rats, it would be you, chica. I've never tried the worms so I won't be looking for the rats anytime soon.