Sunday, March 18, 2007

So how does one define success on ebay?
Is total number of sales, total dollars of sales, high bid per auction? Ebay is an interesting venue. Prior to taking up lampworking I never would have guessed it would be an outlet for selling beads, and as a long time non-seller, it looked pretty intimidating to me. Thousands of lampwork bead listings, some sell, some don’t. Some sell for hundreds, or even thousands; others for dollars or pennys or not all.

As a hobbyist who has just recently begun to dabble in the ebay world it is really unclear to me how I would define success. I have to admit I'm at the stage where I'm thrilled to have a watcher or two, I'm thrilled when my number of views actually goes up, thrilled to get a bid and really thrilled when I get more than one, although that is rare. Today my auction selling success sits at 70%, I have no idea if that is good for a newbie or not, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Last week I had two ebay treats. My first trifecta - 3 beads for sale and they all sold. That was exciting for me. I listed more beads that night and had a bid with in an hour or so, and a bid on another bead by morning. Usually they languish and get a bid on the last day if I'm lucky, so getting early bids was really nice.

Tonight I had another exciting monment. I actually got sniped! Imagine my suprise when I checked my auction and in the last minute it went from one bidder to three! Woohoo! What a fun game ebay can be!!!

Another thing I am really happy about. Repeat buyers! I think of all the ebay things I find pleasing it is having repeat buyers that makes me the happiest! It is certainly a wonderful feeling to have someone come back for more! I don't know if anyone who has bought my beads reads here, but if you do, thank you very much!

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