Thursday, March 01, 2007

More from the eclectic beadery...

As part of my eclectic beading experience I have gotten in to making big hole beads lately. Great big, big big hole beads! I have no idea if there is much interest in big hole beads amongst ‘Bead People’, but I know my kids and their friends love them for their hemp creations! So if no one on ebay finds them interesting at least I know I have avid fans at my house everyday! The kids love my free beads. Wanna be a ‘cool’ mom? Let the 15 years raid your reject bead bowls!

I can think of all sorts of things to do with big hole beads. I think they would be great as sliders on bead crochet, or viking knit, two things I have no idea how to do. Maybe one day I’ll try to make a multi-strand necklace to slide them around on. That is something I could do. I really should find time to string more. It seems my creative time all goes in to making beads, but rarely using them. I must admit to feeling very satisfied when I get motivated to string up my beads into some type of creation. I should probably do it more often, and these big hole beads are giving my the itch to try some new things!

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Anonymous said...

Love the beads - love the colors and shapes. The largest hole I've made is 1/8 for fan pulls and I think my shapes are better with the larger hole but for stringing, I prefer 1/16.