Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Loose Screws

The camera I use for my digital pictures is a Pentax Optio S5, the tiny camera that will actually fit in an Altoids can. It is actually my second digi-cam, my first was a Toshiba that took excellent pictures, but after a day at school with my daughter, ceased to work. For my second camera I decided to go small. One advantage of digital is being to take as many pictures as you want, with out having to worry about film and processing costs, so why not get a camera that can easily be taken everywhere so you can take pictures when ever you want. It's not exactly a fine professional camera, but considering it's size I think it does a great job. I've had that camera for three years now, and most of the time it has been floating around in my purse, unprotected, or in my pocket, or beach bag or knapsack. I recently noticed that a bunch of the screws that held the case together had fallen out. Things were seeming a little loosey-goosey, so I figured I'd better look into getting some new screws before my beloved little camera totally fell apart. I called Pentax's service department, where I pretty quickly got connected with a live service person. I fully expected to be told that it would cost me $50 or some other ridiculous amount to repair my 3 year old $200 camera, but I was prepared to bite the bullet and purchase them. I was completely surprised when the woman sent. "We'll just send you a set of screws, what is your address?" "You mean for free?" I asked. "They're such an inexpensive item, and shipping is $8.00 minimum, so it's not worth charging for them" she replied. I was shocked. It's not often a big company gives you anything for free. My screws came today, and sure enough the invoice was for $0.00, with no shipping charges. It sure is refreshing to get such great customer service!

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Ah, so refreshing.