Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Garden

Did I ever mention that I like flowers? This bunch of tulips in my garden looked particularly stunning to me this weekend. My tulips are looking a little thin to me this year, I think I'm going to have to remember to plant more this fall. I haven't gone on a fall tulip planting binge in a bunch of years. I think that year I bought something like 300 bulbs taught me a valuble lesson in moderation - I never thought I'd get all those bulbs planted. Gardening is such a love hate thing. I love the results, but am not always thrilled to do all the work. I did more spring weeding this weekend, mostly clearing unwanted things from my backyard perennial garden. I wish there was some sort of gardeners force field that would keep things were you want them; like periwinkle up on the hill but not in garden, a small patch of that pretty lavender flower rather than one that wants to overtake the entire garden. As I weeded out the rouge periwinkle and other invasives I felt like I was finding buried treasure, a young daylily buried here, some columbine buried there. Hopefully they will reward my labor with some pretty blooms this summer.

This is one of those beads I can't quite decide what to think of. It has a mossy, earthy look that I really like, but it it has a "fall" feel that seems out of place this time of year. I'll probably have to revist these colors in the fall.

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Anonymous said...

Linda - usually here in MI-particularly in Holland - the tulips are fabulous. Holland has a Tulip Festival and the flowers are every-friggin-where. We always drive over in the evening before the festival begins and feast our eyes.