Friday, April 06, 2007

Weird Beads?

Are these beads too weird? If you know anything about my bead making "style" you know that I: a. love to experiment, b. like to make beads in many shapes and styles, and c. am always hoping to discover something new and different and exciting. The problem with trying to do things that are "different" is sometimes it's hard to know if what you've created is "different good" or just "different weird". For some reason, I really like elongated focal beads. When I get in the mood to make jewelery, I like to turn them into focal pendants. So I rather like these. Although it's hard to capture in photos, they are encased and have nice depth. I'm especially fond of the pink one. Rubino on silver pink encased in a pale pinkish-violet made an interesting magenta color. But as much as I like them, judging by the lack of bids and watchers on ebay, I'm guessing I may have crossed over the line to "Different Weird". I guess I'll have to wait and see. Even if they don't sell, it's always fascinating to see what people like, and what people don't. Sometimes the ebay experiment is almost as fun as the bead making experiments.

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Anonymous said...

I think they're "weird cool" but then I like weird stuff. When I first started making earrings, I liked to make different shapes but the customers didn't go for the mismatch look. I figure most people just don't like to leave their box. You have to stick with what blows your hair back, though, so keep on doing what makes you hum, chica!