Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Chocolate Lagomorph Effigy day! I wish I could say I made that up, but it was really Andrea Jane on LE that coined that greeting. It really appeals to the biology nerd in me!

My weekend could have been better. I "put out" my back Saturday morning. I wish I had some great story about climbing a high peak, or skiing off a cliff, or jogging 20 miles messing up my back, but in reality I was in my studio and bent over to toss something in the trash and "tweak", I got that bad feeling in back. Instead of resting it I spent the day gardening...digging all the *$%^$#&* grass out of my gardens and from the perimeters of all my front yard flower beds. I have a lot of flower beds. Our clay soil is pretty much like concrete, especially first thing in the spring, so you can't just pull weeds; you have to dig (jackhammer!) them out. It was difficult, as I couldn't stand up straight, so I'd turn a few spade fulls of weedy dirt, then sit down and break up the clumps of dirt to pull out the freaking grass. So now my back is killing me, but at least my front yard is cleaned up and ready for me to plant annuals when the frost date passes.

Today I decided I better be nice to my screwed up back, so after my family went out and had a nice Easter breakfast with my next door neighbors and the neighbors across the street I decided to drive the 78 miles up to the hot springs for a nice soak. There is something wonderfully therapeutic about soaking in hot mineral baths. In a total nerd alert moment, I decided to catch up on some scientific reading for work while I soaked. This actually caused a high school student, who was actually interested in the journal article I was reading, to strike up a conversation with me. It turns out she is keenly interested in science, so we had a really nice chat. She had actually taken learned to use prepare samples for and use an electron microscope as part of a (sadly, now defunct) high school program. It was actually really refreshing to meet a kid who was so interested in learning. Our science conversation sure got us a lot of funny looks from patrons at the springs! It added a nice twist to day.

So now I'm laying in bed, resting my back, surfing the web and watching tonight's ebay offerings not sell (my weird beads!), except the for the one in todays picture, which actually thrilled me by getting a couple of bids. Hopefully my back will calm down before I have to go to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Linda - I hurt my foot getting out of bed a few years ago. Getting out of bed!!! So I made up this really cool story about a bad landing when I was hang gliding. Very few people believed me. hehe

Jim Noll said...

Hey, Your Easter sounds like mine, with the family a friend and my Bro we dug 300 feet of trench to install a french drain. It also had to be cold and wet with snow flurries. What happened to spring?

My back is fine I learned to use my legs for the hard work.