Sunday, May 27, 2007

My parents are in town visiting for Matt's graduation. Today Matt and Bob and PopPop went golfing, so Sarah and G.G. and I decided to go shopping so Sarah could find a dress for her "promotion" (from Jr. H.S. to H.S.) party. Since recent shopping trips hadn't been successful, and because we had Sarah's grandma to entertain, I decided we could venture out of my usual north valley box and check out Southtown Mall. Southtown is only about 15 miles from my house, but from my world view it's the other end of the universe, so I haven't been there in 12 or 15 years. (I'm a terrible shopper, if it's not for sale at Smiths 3 blocks from my house I probably don't need it!)

It turns out that there is a bead store there, so of course I had to go in a look around. I always check out the locked cases to see if they have any nice lampwork, and today I was pleasantly surprised to find some beautiful lampwork mermaids and fairies that I suspected were Mavis Smith beads. Sure enough they were, and the shop keeper was kind enough to let me fondle them. I've never met Mavis, but I have admired her work, so it was really cool to see some in real life. I was surprised how big they were, and yet how delicate. I don't get to see much lampwork other than my own, so it was really cool to see such marvellous beads in real life.


Anonymous said...

Ya see what happens when you leave your comfort zone, chica?
I love pleasant surprises.

Anonymous said...

It was worth the visit :)