Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flip flops day four!

It is hard to believe that today is the 20th of March and I have been wearing flip flops for the last four days. On Saturday I took Daisy jogging down to the gully for her first swim of the year. I wore a tank top and shorts and was actually hot! In March! My crocuses have already bloomed and wilted and I have a single daffodil flower in my front yard. I don't recall ever having such spring-like weather this early in the year. Of course it won't last, the temperature is supposed to drop tonight and snow is predicted for the mountains. But while the spring was in the air I was inspired to make some springy beads.


Bosphorus Glass said...

Hiii Linda Carol,
I found your blog through Bead Makers Blog Ring. I am soooo glad to read another talented lampworker's blog.
I love those new beads. They are absolutely springy and gorgeous.
And I think you are doing great on e-bay, hope it will get better. As a hobbyist my self, I sometimes think it would be lovely to earn some money out of my beads too. Of course to buy more glass and beads of other lampworkers :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

So glad spring made an appearance in your part of this country. I'm seeing signs here as well. One of them is that the dang snow is finally gone! I also see little green things poking their tiny heads up through the soil.
Love the spring bead - wonderful colors and I envy your shape too.