Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Out with the old?...

So is spring here? We had two huge snowstorms last week, but now its about 50 degrees and the snow is rapidly melting. The tulips are beginning to pop through the soil in my front yard garden. I had an ebay package to send off yesterday and instead of driving it to the post office Daisy and I jogged over to the post office. It was perfect running weather.

Sadly though, I came to the realization that I may have to retire one of my favorite jogging shirts. I admit to be a clothes hoarder, I have a hard time getting rid of clothes I like, especially if they are comfy. I have a couple of ancient tie-dyed long sleeve t-shirts that are long time favorites. They are at least 10 years old; I made them at a tie-dye party sponsored by a woman at work. Sadly, I’ve forgotten her name, but she liked to tie-dye and to offset some of her hobby expense she would throw dying parties. We would order our dyables through her, so we could get the bulk discount through Dharma Trading Company, and pay her some small fee for the rest of the supplies. She had tons of colors of dyes, and was a great instructor so it was a lot of fun. She would rinse and wash the shirts for us, a job I never truly appreciated until I got the job of rinsing and washing my Girl Scout troop’s shirts. Wow, that’s a lot of work!

I loved my tie-dye shirts but as the years went by and they became holier and holier they went from “everyday wearable shits” to “slop around the house shirts” to “sweaty jogging shirts”. Soft, comfy, worn out delightful shirts. Yesterday when I got dressed to jog I discovered that armpit hole in my turquoise and pink tie-dye had expanded from ping-pong ball size to baseball size. I guess it really is time to retire my shirt to the trash. Believe it or not, I spent much of my run telling myself that I was going to go home, strip off the shirt and toss it right in the trash. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. NO trip through the laundry. Then it occurred to me! My shirt would make a perfect glass rod wiping rag. So it’s in the laundry basket after all, and now I’ll have a colorful artsy-fartsy studio rag. Recycling at its best. I guess I’m just a crazy old woman who can’t get rid of old stuff. Heaven help my kids when they have to sell the house and put me in a home!

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Anonymous said...

First of all - holy cow!, Linda, that bead is way cool. The flowers are outstanding!!!
I also have a hard time getting rid of t-shirts. I have a few from my early days in Jazzercise, 16 years ago and periodically wear them. They have holes and are frayed around the arms but, hey, they have sentimental value.
Glad you can still use the old ones for glass rods cleaners, I use my old things for dust rags - when I chose to dust.