Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stanford Ferdinand

So who names a bead Stanford anyway? I guess I do! I really struggle with the naming beads thing. Occasionally one speaks to me and tells me it's name, but usually I have a hard time dreaming up spiffy bead nomenclature. So the other day when I was at a loss I for a name I asked my daughter and her friend for ideas. Her friend Ann instantly blurted out "Stanford", name it Stanford! Stanford Ferdinand!". And so I did.

Stanford gave me a little scare tonight. I have a very "sophisticated" system to keep track of my ebay beads. I have two plastic sandwich baggies on my dresser. One holds the beads that are currently up for auction, the other holds the ones that didn't sell in case I choose to re-list them. I went to slip a newly listed bead in its baggie tonight, and I realized Stanford wasn't there! Not good, as his auction runs until Sunday. My first thought - "Panic!" my second thought- "No one's even watching that auction, but I better find him anyway. Just in case". Fortunately, he hadn't run too far away. I'd stuck him in my pants pocket and forgot to take him out to put him in his baggie. When I hung up my pants he fell out of my pocket onto my closet floor, where luckily, I found him. I guess he's lucky he didn't get durability tested in the spin cycle of my washer!

I had this problem once before. On my very first auction. I was thrilled to death when I had my first watcher, then realized I couldn't find the bead. I didn't find it until the next day, and I was pretty anxious until I did. What a way to start my ebay career, losing my first potential sale! Turns out I had folded it up in my wallet, which I had taken out because ebay needed a credit card number. It ended up not selling anyway (ebay lesson one: Watcher doesn't always equal buyer!) I've done a much better job keeping track of things - until "Stanford" went missing. Gotta keep better eyes on those sly guys!


Anonymous said...

I like the name but I'm also curious - did that name have a foundation or did it just pop out of that girl's head/out space?

Linda Carol said...

I think that name just popped out!

Linda Carol said...
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