Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fear of the torch...

One problem with the holiday season.. you get busy with all preparations and activities and next thing you know 3 weeks have passed and you haven't had a chance to light up the torch. Next comes the fear. The fear that any skill you may have had will have totally evaporated during the time away the torch. So even when free time emerges again, and your itching to start making things, it's easy to fear that you won't be able to make the glass behave like you use to, and therefore put off getting back up to the workbench. Over New Years weekend I finally, for the first time in weeks, made some beads. You'd think after a long break I'd have lots of creative energy, but in reality I had no idea where to start. So I decided to think towards the next holiday and make some hearts. The added bonus to making hearts is that because they are something I rarely do, I have no expectations for how they will come out. And, hearts are an inherently wonky shape so they'd be good for an potentially wonky day. Since I was already fearful that during my break I would have forgotten how to make anything decent, making something I'm not great anyway at seemed like a good first project. I'm not sure I have a future in the Valentines Day bead market. I don't think my hearts are quite "girlie" enough. Or maybe deep down I'm somewhat black hearted. Perhaps next time I make hearts I should break out my stash of pink Bullseye glass!

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Anonymous said...

Apparently your heart isn't as black as mine, chica. I've never even tried to make a heart.
BTW, they look great to me; I'm not into the girlie thing so they're perfect.