Friday, January 05, 2007

Web Connections.

I have to say that I feel a little tickled that I got such nice mention form Lori Greenberg in her blog the other day. I’m never quite sure what I think about the whole blogging business. On one hand it feels very weird to put your thoughts out there in such a public way. Then there’s the “why do I bother doing this if nobody reads it anyway?” thought, and the “oh god, what if someone actually reads this?” thought. On the other hand, there is something kind of affirming about actually putting thoughts in writing that kind of feels good.

When it comes to reading blogs I have found that I mostly enjoy reading blogs of people I know, I like getting that little snapshot of the daily life of my friends far away, even if they are people I don’t really well. Or maybe the fact that I don’t know them really well is why I like their blog, it gives me a chance to get to them better.

I really enjoy seeing how the world all connects together. Part of what’s appealing about the “world wide web” it is a web of connections. Lori mentioned something interesting in her blog the other day; a link to a blog she occasionally reads. Imagine my surprise when I clicked the link and found it went to blogger in my town. An ex-mormon living here in Salt Lake. I don’t want to spend time talking about Utah and the “great divide” (mormons vs. non mormons) and how Utah is a bit of an odd place to live (it is), but it is an interesting subject to me. I imagine the blog may have entries I‘ll find interesting.

I’ll file Lori’s posting of that link under what I call “weird cosmic coincidences”. It is always interesting to me to have these weird little connections pop up in my life.

Now I have to add…
Lori mentioned the kind of mother I am… I have to add that, like in so many facets of my life, I’m pretty schizophrenic in my skills as a mom. I try to be the good mom who wants to provide positive experiences and memories for my kids, and I’m also the bitchy mom who incessantly rants about the kid's messes or their chores being undone. I can do quite the good mom/bad mom thing. Like the other night when I got home from work and Sarah was there with her friend Neeka and 3 teenage guys I'd never met before. The first thing I did was yell about all the dishes in the sink, (bad mom- I’m not supposed to yell when she has friends over), then I thought about making dinner. With 5 teenagers in the house I figured I’d better make a big dinner and I remembered that we were about to have a critical toilet paper shortage, so ran to the store to get the makings for a big pot of spaghetti and meat sauce. When I returned Sarah and one of the boys was outside. Since she’s on crutches she couldn’t very well help carry in groceries, so I tossed my big 24 pack of toilet paper to the boy and told him to make himself useful. Of course this totally embarrasses my daughter, (bad mom) but then I cooked them all dinner (good mom). Totally schizophrenic right? I guess I hope that in the long run the “good mom” moments out weight the “bad mom” ones


Anonymous said...

I'm here!!! I'm reading!!! I check for new entries on a daily basis!!!

Rose said...

I'm sure you're a good mom.
Embarassing the teenagers is definitely a REQUIREMENT of motherhood.

Lori Greenberg said...

See! That is EXACTLY the kind of mom I want to be. :) I cannot wait to embarass my kids. I already try but they still think it's funny if I shake my butt at them. Just wait until they're older!!