Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New looks for the new year

So am I bad mother? Would you let this guy lay a hand on your daughter? Well, I did. The thing Sarah really, really, wanted for Christmas was to get her nose pierced. It wasn't one of those spontaneous, teenage, peer pressure sort of desires; she has been asking to do this for over a year. I have to say I'm pretty ambivalent about nose piercing. Some people look cute with pierced noses, some look like total freakazoids. I think it just depends on how it's done, what jewelry is chosen, and what kind of look the person wishes to achieve. Since all of my research indicated that eventual removal of a nose ring leaves little or no scaring, and the "horror" stories seemed relatively few and far between, I decided to go ahead and give her a gift certificate to Koi, a local piercing salon as a Christmas gift.

I chose Koi because it has a reputation of being the best or at least one of the best piercing salons in town, and I certainly didn't want to risk getting her nose pierced by just anyone. I was happy that the shop was run very professionally, clean, autoclave trays and biohazard bags in plain site. The piercer actually spent a fair amount of time examining her nose to decide where to pierce it. I asked him to explain to me what he was looking for, and he gave me a pretty length explanation. Apparently you want the piercing situated just right in the crease in the nose, in a certain thin section of tissue, in the most aesthetically pleasing position. I was most pleased that he gave such a good explanation, and I felt that my daughter was in good hands and not just getting any old willy-nilly hole in her nose. After he gave me his detailed explanation he quipped "then I just guess". The actually piercing was really fast. He stuck this metal tube thing up her nose, than fast as lighting the big long piercing needle shot out her nostril. Sarah eyes were watering, mostly because she was laughing so hard because the swiftness of the piercing, which she watched in the mirror, was so darn startling. She's really happy with how it looks, and to be honest I think it looks cute too.

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Anonymous said...

A wise man once told me (with regard to raising my son); "as long as it doesn't alter their brain waves - don't worry about it."
He went through the piercing thing and also has several tattoos and I think he probably DID alter a few brain waves along the way with a substance or two but he seems to have come out the other end in fairly good condition.