Thursday, January 18, 2007

Party Night

Geez, this was my entryway when I came home from work tonight. Teenageers! They are everywhere. About a dozen I think. They have been coming and going all night. They move so fast I can't count. Turns out today is the end of the term and for some reason (probably Sarah's immobility!)they all ended up here to celebrate. I like the kids, but it's 11 pm and there are at least 10 here still, and I have no idea how many are spending the night. What do you suppose the chance is that they will be quiet enough me to sleep tonight?

One nice thing, a bunch of the girls are my biggest bead fans, so having them here always garners me compliments, especially on a night like tonight where I'm cleaning beads. They are smarties - they know if they're nice I'm happy to give them beads. I'm sure they'd be nice anyway! So tonight I gave a bunch of beads away, but I was smart and said - if you want them, you can clean them and handed over my dremel tool... and they happily dremeled away. It is sweet how they are so thankful, even if they are taking ones that I wasn't quite happy with. It's fun to have my housefull of adoring fans! ...If they only let sleep tonight... I wish I had some earplugs!

...Midnight, I got a correct count... there are 12 teens here... and a fish (a beta) in a bowl on my kitchen counter... I can't remember who's that is...

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Anonymous said...

A dozen teenage girls. That is way beyond my imagination. And you don't have earplugs? Jeez - my house is empty and I sleep with earplugs every night.