Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow dog!

So what part of a dogs evolutionary history makes it like snow? We got about six inches of the white stuff today. I let Daisy out to play while I shoveled the driveway. She ran out the door, then looped through the yard. Leaping through the snow makes her happy. Does the snow make the wolves and coyotes happy? I picture canines in the wild hunkering down in their dens, waiting for storms to pass, hoping for better weather in which to go out and look for prey. I don’t picture them gleefully frolicking in the snow. And besides, who would be throwing them snowballs?

Daisy loves a good game of snowball. She stares at you intently, waiting for you to toss the ball. If you toss it off into the snow she leaps after it, then digs around looking for. I don’t think she understands why those snowballs are so darn hard to find. She’s happier if you throw it up in the air. She jumps and tries to catch in her mouth. Once again she is confused, she knows she caught the ball, but it disappears as she grabs it with her mouth. Then another one magically appears in her mammas hand and she forgets all about the first one. She never seems to tire of the snowball game!

Todays good news - snow removes little yellow birdy splat marks! Brushing the snow off of my car surrounded it in little piles of yellow snow...

Todays bad news - Poor Sarah has at least two more weeks on crutches. Not that it affects the outcome, but todays x-ray clearly showed that a third bone in her foot was indeed broken as the doc suspected.

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Anonymous said...

A dog's life - looks fun. Daisy's lucky to have a mom and loves the game as much as she does.
Poor, Sarah - what a drag.