Wednesday, January 10, 2007


One good reason to get my butt going in the morning:


Parking sucks where I work. As a university staff person I have it better than the students, but it is still a hassle. I pay $216/year for a parking pass, which allows me to park, on a good day, relatively close to my building. I often judge my days as good or bad based on the parking space I score. School holidays? They are good days, even when I have to work because I know I can show up almost anytime and get a place to park. When school is in session you can just about tell time by the number of open parking spots in a lot. Today was a bad day. Since Sarah is on crutches, I have been taking her to school everyday, making my schedule run later than usual. Today was extra unusual because it is her birthday, and since it's her day she wanted me to stop at the store for a chocolate donut on the way to school. Being the sucker I am, I said yes, so I was running late. Even though I was running late I still stopped at my coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee (addictions you know!). So I pulled in to my parking lot of choice at 8:18, just in time to see another car get the last empty space. So I turned around and went to my second choice lot, which was also full, then got stuck waiting while another spot seeker did a 6 point turn in her big volvo to leave the spaceless lot. So I was stuck having to drive out of that area, through the stoplight, to a space across the road by the stadium. Practically in student parking. Oh well, I guess can use the exercise, I just hate waiting forever for the light to change so I can cross the street.

I now have a new parking lot benchmark...not just whether or not I get to work early enough to find a spot in the lot of my choice, but which particular spot to get. I usually park along the sidewalk, but the other day, because school is back in session I had to take a different spot. Under a tree I guess, because now my car is covered with zillions of bright fluoresent yellow green spots. Or should I say splats? Birdie turdy splats.

I guess I'll start trying to get to work in time to park in the bird free zone....and hope tomorrows snowstorm washes off my car. I wonder if splurging for the $1000+/year reserved parking pass guarantees splat free parking?

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Anonymous said...

Wonder what those birds ate for breakfast?