Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally, after 6 1/2 weeks, Sarah can quit using crutches. She has at least 3 more weeks in a "boot", but at least she's a little more ambulatory now. Because of the school days she she missed in December, we received our "1st Truancy Notification" in the mail the other day. Apparently it is a "Class B Misdemeanor" to fail to send your child to school. Now wouldn't you think that the fact that she's been on crutches for a month and a half, we've sent notes to school, both my husband I have been to the school to attempt to pick up her assignments would indicate that we don't exactly have a truancy problem going on here?!

I say attempt to get her assignments because I was shocked how downright uncooperative the school was. Bob went to the school and asked that a "runner" be sent around to Sarah's classes to pick up her assignments. The person in the counselors office told us that we should just check the web for assignments and that she won't send a runner until that is done. Of course, as it turns out, she had handouts and worksheets in nearly every class. So the next day I show up in the office, assignment list in hand, and ask for a runner. The office person was quite curt and huffy with me as well, and seemed rather put out that she actually had to send someone to pick up Sarah's work. You would think they could be a little more accommodating, especially considering the 3 story school has no elevator, making it really hard for someone to get around on crutches!

Wouldn't be nice if the school system were a little more concerned with educating are kids rather than harrassing well meaning parents about truancy?

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Rose said...

Wow! It's been that long already?

I'm sorry that your school is giving you the "run around" about using the runner. We have web based assignments too, but it has been a huge battle to get the teachers to actually post the assignments. This year is much better than last.

And we have had the truancy type warnings too. When kids get really sick, they don't get better fast enough, I guess.