Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The right stuff.

So why is it often so hard to do the right things for ones self? Admittedly, I have been in a bit of a funk lately. January is a funky month here. Like most Januaries, we have been having a lousy winter inversion. The skies are hazy, you can't see across the valley, the air stinks and is downright unhealthy . Over the weekend I was in a lousy mood, I didn't even feel like skiing on Sunday. Luckily for me, Matt convinced me to head up to the mountains with him. Of course when I got up there I had a wonderful time. It was sunny and beautiful and pretty warm. The total opposite of the Salt Lake Valley. The skiing was great and I feel really fortunate that my 17 year son still wants to ski with his old mom. Our skiing styles are different, I pretty much just cruise around and attempt the occasional mogul. He's always hitting the bumps and the jumps and catching air. He's "new school", I'm "old school" but we still have a great time together. Even though he's 17 he still likes to impress his mom. He sends me to the spot below the huge jumps so he can show off his tricks. This weeks tricks included some awesome 380's and 180 reversals. Of course as a mom I still have that moment where my heart flutters a bit as he comes off the jump; it's hard not to worry that this might be time he has a bad landing. Sometimes that "watch me mom" is a scary sentence! I'm so glad Matt forced me out of the house, it's good to have some one make me do the right thing when I'm not quite in the mood.

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